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Yfel is a free standing flexible option for dry bulk material separation, bunkering and sand opberging solution.

Minimal construction personnel required for installations, ideal for South Africa’s Covid-19 situation.

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YFEL is used to separate different dry bulk materials such as: Sand/Stone, waste (Paper/Plastic/Glass/Metal) Fertiliser Granules (Phosphates/Nitrates/Potassium/Urea etc), different grades of coal or mineral ores, compost separation, scrap metal, silage, etc.

Locally Produced

YFEL can be manufactured near sites for large contracts.

Made From Recycables

YFEL is manufactured from 70% by mass of recycled material.



YFEL is movable and fast to erect with the carrier attachment and can be easily relocated.


YFEL Height Base Width Mass
1200 615 ±660
1800 762 ±860
2400 970 ±1120
3000 1200 ±1940
3500 1400 ±2190
4000 1650 ±2550


Yfel Standard Wall Block


YFEL Height Base Width Mass
2060 762 ±1120
2660 970 ±1380
3260 1200 ±2220
3760 1400 ±2450
4260 1650 ±2660


YFEL is a ReMaCon Products CC trademark and has been engineered to be durable and effective in African weather conditions.

Established in 2004 by Silvio Ferraris, a qualified engineering technician (T4 Civil) with an IMM and many years of involvement in the construction industry, ReMaCon Products CC has expanded to deliver quality engineering with the development of YFEL.

YFEL offers a multi solution to the commercial and residential market. The walls can be used to separate dry materials such as sand and stone, fertaliser granules, metals and minerals and can serve as an enclosure. YFEL can also be used for security purposes. The Anti Climb YFEL block which features a rounded top makes climbing over the wall without proper equipment, extremely difficult.

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