Yfel Modular Wall

The YFEL Free Standing Modular Concrete Wall System is an innovative product with applications in the mining, mineral processing, construction, civil engineering, agricultural, waste recycling and food processing industries.

In coal mining and handling, for example, coal of different grades has to be stored in separate areas. Similarly in the construction industry and for other users of different types of sand, gravel and aggregates, such as road-builders and civil engineering contractors, these materials have to be kept apart wherever they may be stored. In all these applications, as in numerous others, use of YFEL walls is more convenient, flexible and in every other way more suitable than the traditional methods used currently.

The YFEL Modular Concrete Wall System has applications where different types and grades of dry bulk material are required to be separated by means of a robust, movable physical barrier.

YFEL Modular Walls can be quickly erected and if and when necessary, due to changing storage requirements, easily be moved and re-erected.

The YFEL product is manufactured to order in heights ranging from 1.2 metres to 4.0 metres. An “anti-climb” security wall variant is also available, where the top of the YFEL unit is curved to prevent intrusion into a protected area. This has applications where a secure perimeter is required, such as airpports, vehicle parks, etc.

Download the YFEL Brochure 2017